Tips for Being a Good College Roommate in Columbia, Mo

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Finding the Best Roommate For Your Downtown Columbia, Mo Apartment

We have studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom floor plans at The Lofts. Most of our residents typically have someone they already want to live with. There is rarely a need for a random roommate, but it does happen. So, what should you look for in a compatible roommate? 

A good roommate doesn’t have to be a good friend, and a good friend doesn’t have to be a good roommate

  • I know your immediate instinct is to choose your best friend as a roommate, but sometimes this can end in turmoil. You might be great as friends, but living with someone is completely different. If you have habits that annoy each other, it could end badly. 


Schedule, Schedule, Schedule 

  • If you have a roommate in law school, med school, or in another program with a rigorous schedule, you’ll want to be aware of their schedule . If you know you’ll be awake at opposite times, making a lot of noise, you might want to rethink the living situation. 
  • Be aware of what their life is like: Will they have a lot of people over all the time? Or do they always stay up super late? Answer these questions now to avoid conflict later. 



  • This can be a small thing to some people and huge to others. A dirty pan on the stove might make or break a successful roommate relationship. So be honest with each other before you sign a lease together.


Set Roommate Expectations while Sharing an Apartment in Columbia, Mo

After you’ve found a roommate, it’s time to set expectations with one another. Define things like who’s going to take out the trash, get to know each other’s class schedules, set a time for quiet hours, and determine shared responsibilities. Starting off the year with this can eliminate stress and prevent petty arguments. This ensures no one gets stuck doing all of the chores.

What Should You Do If Something Breaks in Your Downtown Apartment?

If you ever have an issue with your apartment, we have our own maintenance team at the Lofts that handles everything from a broken light switch to a leaking washing machine. We have a form on our website you can fill out that specifies the issue and allows you to choose when to have maintenance work on the problem. No surprise maintenance staff walk-ins here!  You can also select ‘emergency’ for things warranting serious, immediate repairs. Most non-emergency repairs are solved within 48 hours.

Communication is Key to Successful Apartment Living

Does your future roommate like to stay up late and watch TV in the living room really loud? Do you have an early bedtime? Make this clear upon move-in. No one wants an awkward confrontation in the middle of the semester, so set yourselves up for success and establish expectations at the beginning.

Also, the small stuff does matter. Texting the other person that someone is coming over, taking the two seconds to write a note that the dishes will be done after class, or letting the other person know if you’re having a bad day could all make huge differences in the household dynamic. No one can read minds, so just let it all out in the open.

Contact The Lofts of Columbia to Lease Apartments for Rent in Columbia, Mo Today!

Interested in leasing an apartment at the Lofts? Our loft apartments in Columbia, Mo are an ideal place to live if you are a student or young professional. Our downtown locations are mere steps from the University of Missouri, Stephen’s College, and Columbia College. We are also close to the business, shopping, and art districts in Columbia, Mo. Most of our downtown tenants rarely need their vehicle to get to the essentials, as downtown Columbia is incredibly walkable. Our properties in Cherry Hill and The Manors have on-site parking to give you easy access to your vehicle! 

As far as amenities go, each loft is outfitted with a flat screen tv, stainless steel appliances, washer and dryer unit, granite countertops, jacuzzi tubs and private bathrooms. Every apartment has its own scenic balcony with sliding glass doors which are perfect for relaxing after a long day of school or work. Additionally, all maintenance fees are also included in your rent, so no need to worry about hidden fees if something breaks. Living at the Lofts of Columbia means living a life of ease and luxury – who doesn’t want that?! We are leasing loft apartments now, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can’t wait to meet you!

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