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If you are interested in living at The Lofts at 308 Ninth, The Lofts on Broadway, The Lofts at Cherry Hill, or Lofts at the Manor, please complete the Online Application below and mail in your application fee of $25 to 308 S. 9th Street, Suite 101-M, Columbia, Missouri 65201.  Make checks payable to: The Lofts at 308 Ninth, The Lofts on Broadway, The Lofts at Cherry Hill, or Lofts at the Manor depending on which location you are applying for.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at: 573-443-4521 or email us Lofts@308Ninth.com.

Application for Residency

Personal Information

Employment Information

Guarantor Information

Criminal Background

Rental History

Emergency Contact Information


I certify all of the above information is true and complete. I acknowledge that false information herein may constitute grounds for rejection for this application, termination of right of occupancy and non-return of fees and deposits.

I/ We, the undersigned, hereby authorize MM II, LLC dba The Lofts at 308 Ninth, The Missouri Manor Apartments dba Lofts at The Manor, BMT of Columbia, LLC dba The Lofts on Broadway, and Columbia South Real Estate, LLC dba The Lofts at Cherry Hill hereinafter “Owner”, to use reasonable and necessary means, including any consumer reporting agency, current and previous employer, current and former landlord, law enforcement agency, any check authorization agency and state employment security agency, to release all information any of them may have about me and my Guarantor. I hereby release all of these parties, including but not limited to Owner and any agency designated by Owner, from any liability in connection with release of such information. I hereby authorize and instruct Owner to obtain such credit reports and tenant screening reports as deemed necessary or prudent, and authorize and instruct all credit reporting agencies and tenant screening services to provide such reports to Owner.

I hereby pay to The Lofts at 308 Ninth, The Lofts at The Manor, The Lofts on Broadway or The Lofts at Cherry Hill a Non-Refundable Application Fee of $25 for processing this application. I acknowledge the Application Fee shall not be refunded for any reason. If I cannot provide income and/or do not meet the qualifying credit history, I will obtain a Guarantor who will co-sign the Lease agreement.



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