Top 5 Security Tips Every Apartment Renter Should Know

Going Out of Town for the Holidays? Keep Your Apartment in Columbia, MO Safe

Everyone is getting ready for the holidays, whether that means hunkering down in Columbia or heading out of town. Due to the ongoing implications of COVID-19, you may be gone for an extended period of time. If you have plans to work or learn remotely from out of town in the coming weeks to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, be sure to think about your apartment security before you leave.

The Lofts Apartments in Columbia, MO Provide Excellent Apartment Security

Whether you rent a one bedroom apartment or have a roommate, take proactive measures this holiday season to prevent theft and protect your apartment in Columbia.

Statistics show that rented properties are burglarized at higher rates than owned residences. Choosing a safe apartment complex to live in is crucial to protect yourself and your belongings. The Lofts of Columbia apartments keep residents safe by taking preventative security measures, especially in downtown locations where foot traffic is increased. At the Lofts at 308 Ninth, residents are given fobs to access the secured building at all times except for business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Additionally, there is an on-site security guard every night from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. In addition to fobs and a guard, security cameras always monitor the inside and outside of the building.


At the Lofts on Broadway, a fob is needed for access to the building 24/7, and a security guard visits twice nightly. Our downtown apartments in Columbia, MO are also constantly monitored by indoor and outdoor security cameras. Safety measures like these can make or break the security of your apartment building.

Our Top 5 Apartment Security Tips

1. Choose a safe place to live. Like we mentioned before, apartment security starts with where you live. Choosing an apartment in Columbia, MO that locks automatically and is only accessible by residents with fobs or keys prevents outsiders from entering. In addition, on-site security guards add an extra sense of safety.

If you’re worried about your apartment’s security, talk to the staff about installing security cameras, or install one in your own apartment. You can find wire-free security cameras which require no drilling or damage on websites like Amazon. However, it is wise to double check with your landlord and roommates before purchasing.

2. Double check your locks, windows and sliding doors. Before you leave, make sure your windows, doors and bedrooms, if possible, are securely locked. If you have roommates leaving after you, remind them to make sure they lock the door on the way out. It sounds simple, but forgetfulness can result in a much bigger problem. 

Securing windows and exterior doors is especially important if you live on the ground level of your apartment. Sliding glass doors, for example, usually have weaker latches and can be lifted right off their track. If you have a sliding glass door, be sure to reinforce it by placing a dowel, or wooden or metal bar, in the bottom track. This way, even if a burglar is able to lift the door off of the track, they won’t be able to move the door aside and get through. 

Finally, if you feel your locks aren’t working or as secure as they could be, reach out to your apartment’s maintenance team.

3. Give the illusion that someone is home. Having the lights off for prolonged periods of time indicates your absence. Purchasing a mechanical outlet timer allows you to designate times during the day (or evening) for lamps or other plug-in lights to turn on, which may trick outsiders into believing someone is home. This is especially helpful when lamps are placed by windows. 

Typically, most burglars opportunize daytime to enter your home, because that’s when most people are away for the day. This year may seem a little different, since COVID-19 has kept many of us bound to our homes during the day due to remote school and work. If you’ve been in this habit, the sudden vacancy of your apartment may become even more obvious without any signs of light or activity inside.

Installing automatic lamp timers can help prevent your Columbia, MO apartment from being burglarized.

4. Keep valuables out of sight. Before you leave, try to tuck expensive items and electronics in hidden places away from windows or doors. Be sure to also shut all blinds or drapes to decrease temptation for outsiders to enter. By hiding valuables and shutting blinds, you can reduce the probability of your apartment being broken into. 

5. Don’t advertise your absence. We know it’s fun to share what you’re up to on social media, but we recommend holding back while you’re away. Broadcasting your whereabouts alerts everyone you’re gone, especially if you have public profiles. If you’re going to tell anyone you’re going out of town for a while, it’s best to tell your apartment staff and close friends. You could even ask these trusted individuals to periodically check up on your apartment for you while you’re gone. They can grab packages for you and make sure your apartment hasn’t been disturbed. 

It’s never a bad idea to get to know your neighbors, either. If you know and trust the people living around you, they may alert you or your landlord to any suspicious activity.

Prioritize Safety When Looking for Apartment Rentals in Columbia, MO

Don’t worry about the security of your apartment. Contact the Lofts of Columbia to schedule a tour of a safe apartment rental today!

When it comes to searching for apartments, especially downtown apartments in Columbia, put safety and security first. We understand it’s a stressful time, and many of our renters are leaving for extended winter breaks due to COVID-19. Not only do The Lofts prioritize apartment security, but we also provide some of the best apartment amenities in town, including new appliances, high-speed internet, a flat screen television, washer and dryer unit and more. Schedule a tour of our one bedroom apartments or two bedroom apartments at one of our four convenient locations in Columbia today!

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