How to Safely Transition Back to College During Covid-19

Now that most students have moved back on campus, everyone’s adjusting to a rather unusual semester. There’s heightened anxiety around the ongoing pandemic and the implications it has on our health, classes and lifestyles. Moving anywhere new comes with an adjustment period, so we’re here to give you some tips on how to safely transition back to college in Columbia and ensure you’re prepared for any scenario.

Advice for Moving During a Pandemic and Going Back to College in Columbia, Mo

Tips for Moving into Apartments in Columbia, Mo During Covid-19

The moving trucks and heavy lifting may be over, but the fun part of moving into a new apartment or home has truly just begun. The weeks immediately following a move are usually spent making about a dozen trips to the store, eating out for every meal (especially if you don’t have groceries yet) and reuniting with friends.

It goes without saying this year is different. We should be limiting shopping trips and following social distancing guidelines. Thankfully, there are ways to settle into your new home comfortably and safely. Check out some of our tips for a successful transition back to college below.

Stay Organized During and After Your Move

After unpacking all of your boxes, you’ll probably realize just how many things you still need. Before running an impulse errand to grab a drying rack and some hand towels, spend some time taking inventory.

Once you’ve assessed what you already have between yourself and any roommates, make a list on your phone for items you still need. It might be helpful to break the list into separate categories based on rooms in your new place. Taking a little bit of time to prepare for an outing by thinking ahead can save you several trips to the store down the road. In these times, the less you have to leave your home or apartment, the better.

Unpacking boxes while moving into apartment rentals in Columbia, Mo.

Utilize Online Ordering and Curbside Pickup Services

The beginning of the school year entails a massive influx of parents and students from a variety of different states. If you don’t feel comfortable shopping inside at large stores, remember that you can order your items online and use pickup services. Utilize Target Drive Up or Walmart Pick Up, both of which are in-store and curbside pickup options available in Columbia, Mo.

Plan Ahead to Quarantine and do Distance Learning

With COVID-19 cases rising in Boone County, it’s important to be prepared for the case in which you get sick or find out you’ve been exposed. The last thing you want is to have to quarantine on a moment’s notice and realize you don’t have any of the supplies you need. 

Whether you develop noticeable symptoms or are asymptomatic, you should quarantine after having contact a positive COVID-19 case or after developing symptoms and testing positive yourself. For specific guidelines, visit the Center for Disease Control’s website.

First of all, if you have to quarantine, don’t panic. There are millions of people around the world and thousands in your own community who have been, or currently are, in your shoes. Be proactive! That way, if the time comes, you can feel prepared.

Supplies to Have on Hand if You Start Quarantine or Get Sick

Face masks. You almost definitely have these already, but any reminder to stock up on and wear your mask doesn’t hurt.

A thermometer. Make sure that everyone in your apartment or home has their own thermometer. This will make it easier to monitor your symptoms and track your fever, if you develop one.

Over-the-counter medicine. Things like Tylenol and ibuprofen will help treat symptoms of COVID-19 like fevers and headaches. Remember, though, not to end quarantine until 10 days have passed from developing your first symptoms and you’ve had 24 hours with no fever without using fever-reducing medications.

Disinfectant wipes. This is another thing you likely already have, but be sure to keep some stocked in your bedroom and bathroom. If you share a bathroom with other people, be sure to disinfect surfaces you touch after each use during quarantine.

Extra kitchen supplies. Preparing for the possibility of quarantine is the perfect excuse to get a mini fridge, microwave and coffee pot for your bedroom!

There are plenty of other comfort items you can stock up on to prepare for quarantine. Whether it’s blankets, loungewear, snacks or an extra-long USB cord to charge your electronic devices, being prepared is crucial for a successful quarantine. It’s also important to think about supplies you’ll need to work remotely or do distance learning in your Columbia, Mo apartment.

Desk or table. If you have space, consider setting up an at-home study area in your bedroom. You can find a small desk or table to set your laptop on, along with desk organizers and electronic supplies. This will come in handy if any of your classes switch to remote instruction or if you have to quarantine. 

Comfortable chair. Working or learning from home entails a lot of time in a chair. Find one to go with your desk that’s comfortable and provides back support. While working from your bed may sound enticing, having a comfortable chair and work space may feel better for your mental health and productivity.

Stay productive while doing distance learning by adding a desk to your apartment in Columbia, Mo.

An extra monitor. Studies have shown that having an extra monitor in addition to your computer screen can increase productivity by 20-50%. Buying an extra monitor from any electronic store is a convenience that will make remote work a little easier.

Stay Safe Back at College This Year in Columbia, Mo

Lofts of Columbia’s COVID-19 Safety Measures and Recommendations

At Lofts’ apartments in Columbia, Mo, we’re committed to keeping our residents safe and comfortable during this unusual semester. Our cleaning staff is performing extra sanitizing efforts of common spaces like stairways, lobbies and elevators, in addition to having outsourced cleaning services twice a week. If you get sick or have to quarantine, find our staff’s contact information here – we’ll support you in any way we can.

Staying safe is a team effort. We’re asking our residents to refrain from riding the elevator with anyone outside of their roommates and to use the complimentary hand sanitizer we’ve placed in the front and back lobbies. Additionally, please follow all city ordinances that require mask usage in common spaces of apartment buildings.

This semester, make sure to stock up on your essentials to prepare for a successful year while trying to limit your shopping trips. Now more than ever, it’s important to look out for our neighbors and protect our community. Explore our blog about apartment living for more tips on how to form a COVID-19 plan with roommates. If you have any questions about our policies during this time, reach out to us today.

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