Find The Perfect Apartment For Rent in Downtown Columbia, Mo For Back to School

Find the Perfect Apartment for Rent in Downtown Columbia, Mo For Fall 2019 


Are you still looking for an apartment for next school year? As it gets closer to August, the best options will start filling up. End your search and sign a lease with The Lofts of Columbia! With four convenient locations, two of them being downtown, you can’t go wrong with The Lofts’ apartments in Columbia, Missouri. Every  loft style apartment comes with state-of-the-art amenities like stainless steel appliances and a walk-out balcony, in-house maintenance, and secure entrances with a guard on site. Plus, with our 308 Ninth and Broadway locations, you’re situated in downtown Columbia, which means you’re less than five minutes from all three of Columbia’s major college campuses, nightlife, shopping, and more. Interested in leasing an apartment with us? There are still spaces available, but they are going quickly, so give us a call to schedule a tour today! 


Make Your School Commute Easier With Downtown Columbia Apartment Living 


Live at one of The Lofts locations and never be late to class again! Keep your commute under five minutes and live at one of The Lofts’ downtown locations. Our 308 Ninth and Broadway buildings are both just minutes from the University of Missouri, Stephen’s College, and Columbia College campuses. Our Manor and Cherry Hill locations are both less than a 10 minute drive to campus. With any of our locations, you can skip the long walk or shuttle ride and live less than ten minutes from campus! No more waiting for a late shuttle or dealing with a long walk. This is especially convenient on mornings you overslept or Columbia is experiencing extreme Midwestern weather. Plus, you’re only a few minutes from home if you forget your laptop or an important paper (or let’s get real, your headphones).  


In addition to being close to campus, the Lofts’ downtown locations are within walking distance to Columbia’s The District, which includes restaurants, nightlife, small businesses, and more. Plus, Lucky’s Market is only a 10 minute walk for your weekly grocery run. Many students also work downtown, so if you have a part-time job at one of the businesses in The District, it’s only a short walking distance. If you don’t have a car, the Lofts is an ideal place to live due to its central location and close proximity to all of the essentials. 

Choosing a Roommate For Your Downtown Columbia, Mo Apartment


At The Lofts, we have studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom floor plans. When choosing a roommate for your apartment, most of our residents choose to room with one close friend. Since many students choose to live in an apartment sophomore or junior year, the need for a random roommate is rare as many people plan to live together in an apartment in advance. However, it does happen, and at the Lofts, we want you to have the best experience possible. Here are some things to think about when choosing a roommate:


Class Schedule

  • Think about the class schedule of your prospective roommate. Are they in an intense academic program such as nursing, law, or journalism? Will they need the apartment to get homework done or host study groups? Getting this cleared up from the get-go is helpful so there aren’t disagreements over noise or other study distractions. 


Sleep Schedule 

  • This is somewhat dependent on the first point. Someone with a vigorous class schedule may need specific sleep hours. Consider how much rest you need during a busy semester and be sure to ask your potential roommate about their sleep needs to make sure it won’t be a source of conflict. 


Social Personality 

  • Is your potential roommate someone who really enjoys nightlife or being up late in general? Do they like to have friends over a lot? Do they plan on havign a significant other over often? Getting honest answers to these questions can help you avoid arguments in the future and set expectations for how often you’ll have visitors.



  • Do you or your prospective roommate have a pet? Do either of you have allergies to animals? If you agree to house a pet, who will take care of it? Will it be a shared responsibility or jsut one person’s? Clear this up before signing the lease so there aren’t any furry friend surprises on move-in day. 


Once, you’ve chosen a roommate, another good idea to make the transition smoother is to make an expectations list. This can outline things like a cleaning schedule, lights out/quiet hours, and other shared responsibilities. Doing this from the beginning can be super helpful once the semester gets busy. This way, no one gets stuck with all of the housework. 

If you ever have an issue with your apartment, we have our own maintenance team at the Lofts that handles everything from a broken light switch to a leaking dishwasher. We have a form on our website 

you can fill out that specifies the issue and allows you to choose when to have maintenance work on the problem. No surprise maintenance staff walk-ins here!  You can also select ‘emergency’ for things warranting serious, immediate repairs. Most non-emergency repairs are solved within 48 hours. 


How To Minimize Clutter: Apartment Organization For College Students 


A clean, organized apartment is a happy apartment! Create a cleaning schedule for yourself and your roommate to make sure weekly cleaning gets done. Another good way to keep your shared space tidy is to prioritize organization. Use baskets and shelving for aesthetically pleasing organization. You can find organizational items like baskets and shelves at Target, Walmart, Ikea, or even thrift stores! Drawer organizers are a great tool for the kitchen or your dresser in your bedroom. It may seem excessive to put so much effort into organization, but when you don’t have to search for your favorite hoodie under a messy pile during midterms, you’ll be glad you did the extra work at the beginning. Additionally, organization can help prevent misunderstandings between roommates. When everything has a place, there’s no room to disagree about whether someone’s used something that isn’t theirs. Being tidy doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. You probably have plenty of storage containers already that you can make work for your new space! Check out sites like Pinterest for organization tips and ideas. 


Apartments For Rent in Columbia, Mo: Call The Lofts of Columbia Today! 


Interested in leasing with the Lofts of Columbia? Give us a call today – we’d be happy to talk to you about the options available at The Lofts! We still have spaces left but they are filling up fast. Don’t settle for sub-par housing. You deserve the best, and you’ll get only that at The Lofts of Columbia. We pride ourselves on providing not only beautiful apartments, but the best in resident services. We are here to make sure you have the best college apartment experience, so give us a call with any questions or to schedule a tour. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you home!

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