Spring Break security for Mizzou students: A renter’s guide for keeping your apartment secure

spring break loft security

Spring Break security for Mizzou students:A renter’s guide for keeping your apartment secure


Spring break is almost here, and while visions of the beach are likely all you can think about, don’t forget to consider your apartment’s security before you head out for a week of surf and sun. Spring break is an optimal time for break-ins, as most students are either on vacation or go home for the week. To protect your apartment and give yourself some peace of mind, follow our steps for keeping your space secure!

Live at the Lofts downtown apartments in Columbia, Mo for optimal apartment security


Apartment security starts with where you live.  At The Lofts, we keep our residents and their property safe even when they’re not there. The Lofts downtown apartments have fob systems allowing only residents to enter the building starting 5 p.m. and ending at 8 a.m. Due to the busy nature of downtown Columbia, Mo The Lofts location on Broadway has restricted access to the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to limited access, security cameras are positioned around the entrances for added security. The Lofts at 308 Ninth has an on-site security guard between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. to keep residents and their belongings safe.

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The Lofts of Columbia, Mo’s guide to preventing break-ins


The Lofts downtown apartments in Columbia Mo, already have security systems in place to keep your apartment safe while you are away for spring break. The Lofts utilizes security cameras and restricted access to the building. By doing this, we ensure only residents are entering and exiting the building. All security measures we take are in place to keep our residents and their property safe.


  1. Apartment security is paramount. Even though The Lofts downtown apartments have restricted access, double check your apartment door locks and ensure they are functioning properly. The Lofts will keep unwanted guests out of your building, but still do your part and lock your door before you leave. If you keep a key under the mat or a key hidden outside, remember to remove it before your departure.


  1. Have a friend or trusted neighbor check on your apartment. The Lofts security cameras and guards will keep an eye on your apartment and stop any suspicious activities from occurring. If you want extra security measures, have a friend check up on your apartment while you are gone. While many people go on vacation or return home for spring break, chances are someone you know will be staying in Columbia, Mo.


  1. Let the right people know you are leaving. Telling people you are going out of town is good information to share with close friends or landlords. At The Lofts, regardless of if you are leaving, we will continue to protect your apartment and personal belongings. One tip we will offer is to not broadcast your absence on social media. This alerts everyone you are gone and puts your apartment’s security at risk.


  1. Make it seem like someone is home. Installing timers on lights is an inexpensive way to make it appear as if someone is home. Lights turning on and off will create the illusion you are home and act as an extra security measure.

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FAQ’s about loft apartment security


The Lofts will do our best to keep your apartment and belongings safe while you are gone. However, it is still important to be informed about how to protect your apartment best.  

  1. When do most burglaries take place?

Most burglaries take place during the day time between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when occupants are at work or in class. For increased apartment security, make it appear if someone is home during these hours.


  1. Burglary prevention: who should I watch out for?

Most burglars live within 2 miles of their target which is why it’s essential for burglary prevention to be wary of who you tell about your departure. They typically live near their target and will learn their schedules. They look for factors indicating an absence such as mail piling up.


  1. How quickly could a burglary occur?

Most burglaries only take around 10 minutes and allow the criminal to escape unnoticed. This is why it is particularly important to keep your valuables in a safe or out of sight. Burglars try to select easy targets which is why apartment security is so important.


  1. How do burglars usually enter a home?

Around 30% enter through an unlocked door or window, and 34% of burglars enter through the front door. Having extra security measures can stop these burglars cold in their tracks.


  1. How much will burglars actually steal?

Burglars will quickly pick through your home to find your most valuable items. The average property loss during a home invasion is $2,251, not including property damage and emotional turmoil.


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Not only do The Lofts provide apartment security, but other amenities including flat screen tv, stainless steel appliances, washer and dryer unit, granite countertops, jacuzzi tubs and private bathrooms. Each apartment has its own scenic balcony that is perfect for relaxing after a long day of school or work. An added bonus is utilities and cables are included in the rent. We are eager to hear from you, schedule your tour today!


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